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Transforming a Classic Bungalow into a Luxurious Mansion



At R B Interiors, founded by the visionary Ar. Rohit Bankar, we pride ourselves on redefining spaces with a perfect blend of rhythm and balance. Our latest project, transforming a classic bungalow into a luxurious mansion, showcases our dedication to innovative designs and modern luxury.

The Challenge

The classic bungalow, nestled in a serene neighborhood, possessed an old-world charm but lacked the modern amenities and design elements desired for contemporary living. Our challenge was to infuse modernity and luxury into the existing structure without compromising its classic essence.

Our Approach

Embracing our motto of rhythm and balance, we embarked on a journey to harmonize the old with the new. We conducted thorough consultations with the homeowners to understand their vision and lifestyle needs, ensuring our design aligned with their aspirations.

The Transformation

- Modern Living Room: We redesigned the living room to be the heart of the mansion, where classic aesthetics met modern functionality. Luxurious furnishings, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, and bespoke lighting designs were combined to create a space that was both inviting and impressive.

- Modular Kitchen: The kitchen underwent a complete overhaul to become a modular masterpiece. Equipped with high-end appliances, ergonomic designs, and smart storage solutions, it offered a seamless cooking experience while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

- Spatial Redesign: To maintain the spacious feel of the mansion, we strategically redesigned the layout to enhance natural light and flow between spaces. Each area was carefully planned to serve its purpose while contributing to the overall grandeur of the mansion.


The transformation of the classic bungalow into a luxurious mansion is a testament to R B Interiors' expertise in blending tradition with innovation. By adhering to our principles of rhythm and balance, we created a modern masterpiece that respects its classic roots while offering the pinnacle of luxury living.



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